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Proper Transmission Diagnostics Save You Money!!!

Below are a few pictures of a simple fix. But this "simple" fix requires highly-developed tools and the skills to understand what is being displayed on the monitor, just like watching a heart monitor at the hospital. Auto techs must monitor the rhythm of electricity within the modern automobile. This is to pinpoint problems without wasting parts to accomplish satisfactory repairs with the lowest cost possible to you.

Here goes the story of a successful and minor repair for a 1996 Explorer. It may be a little complicated unless you're used to monitoring graphs and scopes. But give it a shot! The complaint was rapid upshifts and downshifts around 45 MPH (shift shuttle).

Picture 1: Shows in computer data (on bottom line) a severe fluctuation with the vehicle speed sensor. You want to pay attention to the right side of the graph.


Picture 2: Next, a scope is installed on the vehicle speed sensor itself. This is to isolate the bad pattern, either to the computer system, the wiring or the sensor area. It shows the problem is at the sensor area

Picture 3: Next, the speed sensor is pulled, which reveals a worn drive gear

Picture 4: Looking at bottom graph. The speedometer drive gear was replaced and now there is a smooth signal for the computer to monitor. Compare this bottom chart to the chart at the top of this demo, (paying attention to right side). You will see the big difference, as it shows a smooth VSS with no glitching !

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